Civonus Test Drive participant - former municipal staff member - Ontario

Currently, public-policy decisions tend to be made to solve a situation or a complaint.  Staff completes research and Council votes to decide.  Civonus levels the playing field for residents to provide input and make decisions that can help create a policy that truly represents what the majority of people want.  Everyone involved has the ability to put forth their ideas and thoughts, and then as a group come to a consensus on the best policy. 
Access to Civonus can be totally remote, breaking down barriers that exist by the requirement to attend meetings at a specific time and location.  Individuals can be thoughtful and take their time to provide insights and answer questions. 


Civonus Test Drive participant - social work student

If someone was considering registering for a Civonus engagement, I would highly recommend them to get involved! Public engagement is crucial to making sure policies reflect the actual needs of the people, so the best way to ensure this is by actively taking part in the types of engagements that Civonus offers.