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Change is Inevitable – Why not make the best of it?

Dec 12, 2023

We live in a time of great change.

Throughout history, humans have invented technology that changed the course of humanity. Think of the wheel, gunpowder, the printing press and the steam engine.

Up until this century, these paradigm-shifting inventions occurred perhaps once in a generation. Now, thanks to the invention of the internet and the rapidly increasing power and bandwidth of computer and communications technology, we have paradigm-shifting technology appearing regularly. Think about smartphones, automated airplanes, trains and cars, and internet disruptors like Facebook, Google, Uber, Airbnb, Amazon and many more. No industry or process is immune to the disruptive application of technology.

One industry, that has not yet been disrupted by technology is the government policy industry. Yet no decisions are more impactful than public policy decisions! These decisions can influence the health, education, freedom, environment, economy, and many other aspects of people’s lives.

The way that governments make policy decisions has not changed significantly in hundreds of years. And, while governments are using technology to augment their policy-making process, most attempts to reform policy-making are centred around structural changes, which are very difficult to achieve. The way that decision-makers are elected or appointed, the way they make decisions, and their rights and responsibilities are often entrenched in constitutions, or subject to higher order government regulations, inter-governmental treaties, or other legally imposed restrictions.

So… what if there was a way to improve how public policy decisions are made, and how governments collaborate with citizens, stakeholders, subject matter experts, stakeholders and other governments, without having to make structural changes to governments?

Most governments have some flexibility in how they get advice for public policy choices, so providing a process that results in recommendations to decision-makers, but allows them to follow their formal decision-making process is a way to effect positive change without the difficulty of structural changes to government. Add in internet, computer and communications technology, which make it possible to offer a standardized approach to policy-making based on leading practices, and to deeply and meaningfully engage citizens and other stakeholders in the process, and you have a better policy-making process, and a means to improve public-policy making on a mass scale.

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It is inevitable that the government policy industry will be disrupted at some point, so why not build the best solution possible?

This is what Civonus Inc. was founded for – to provide a continually improving policy-making process for governments and government institutions that is grounded in leading practices, thought and research.

The Civonus web application is designed to produce more transparent, sustainable, equitable, inclusive, consensual and evidence-informed policy-making, and to enable governments to deeply and meaningfully engage citizens, subject matter experts and other stakeholders in the process, and to collaborate with other governments on common issues.

In fact, Civonus intends to revolutionize public policy-making by providing a policy-making process that works so well that governments, citizens and other stakeholders will come to prefer it.

Now it’s up to governments to employ it, and for citizens, subject matter experts and other stakeholders to participate in the policy-making process when offered the opportunity to do so. Research has shown that the meaningful engagement of citizens and stakeholders at a mass scale produces an explosion of creativity, a broader diversity of ideas, higher quality results and conclusions that outperform expert opinion.

To help create the positive change in the world, that seems so desperately needed at this juncture in human history, is the hope and promise of Civonus!

Respectfully submitted,

Robert Hughes, President and CEO, Civonus Inc.

Robert Hughes, President and CEO, Civonus Inc.

Civonus Inc. offers an online policy-making process to facilitate better public policy-making; and to enable governments and public institutions to collaborate with other governments and public institutions on policy-making for issues they have in common. It does so through the deep and meaningful engagement of citizens, government officials, subject matter experts and other stakeholders, in a process that is designed to produce more transparent, consensual, sustainable, inclusive, equitable, evidence-informed policy-making.

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